"It is not necessarily comfortable. It is not necessarily safe . . ." taylor. living anywhere other than reality. Hogwarts is my home. a writer in the making. a Rêvuer. a shadowhunter. a marauders era enthusiast. an airbender. possibly divergent. a member of clone club. i adore so many things, from shows to books to films to music that can be on repeat for days. i'm aiming to become unapologetic in everything i do. and i'll always be waiting for a blue box to appear outside my window, or for my Hogwarts letter attached to the leg of a snowy owl, or even for a writer to call me his muse.

These last two Castle episode have been like a bright “Hello!” and a lovely reminder to why I absolutely love this show so much after the stressful rough patch that was the three episodes prior.

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These episodes are too dang short.

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"I have airbenders all over the world looking for her."


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It is four am and I am wide awake baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with Out Of the Woods, Riptide, and Shake It Off on repeat and really the only person to blame for this ridiculousness is taylorswift.  

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13 days until 1989!
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I remember… @taylorswift

#the way he pulls her hair away #the way she’s looking at him #the way he’s looking at her #the way he slowed down a bit #to look at her#because even if he doesn’t remember #he knows he missed her #he missed her body #her smell #her #he missed her #and the look on her face #after those two months #it was even harder for her #I am in pain #lmao #crime show my ass #fuck you #and your perfect love #I hate you both #leave me alone (x)
Third time’s the charm. #cirquiversary #TheNightCircus

In the last thirty minutes of an Ebay bid for a mug I was going to repurchase for my sister because her other one broke, someone outbids me for an extra twenty five dollars. TYPICAL.

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"Vanitas". Hanna Wahmer by Sabrina Theissen for I Love You #7 Fall 2011